Deewan is an institute of Arabic language and culture in Amman, Jordan.

Founded by teachers from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.


Deewan offers language classes in both MSA and colloquial Arabic, taught by native speakers.


We give our students a chance to discover the beauty of Jordan and learn more about the Arabic culture. 


The Institute is situated in the heart of Jabal Weibdeh, the cultural district of Amman. From this inspiring setting, we host students from all around the world.


We offer one-on-one, two-to-one and group classes in Ammiyeh and FusHa. Check out our course options here.

Arabic Classes at Deewan have not only helped me learn good foundations of the language, but also personal insights to the people, culture, & life in the Middle East.

Deewan Institute is a 7 minute walk from Paris Circle in Weibdeh

Bldg 44 Al Ba'ouniyah Street, Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan

Arabic department on lower level
Co-working space on the 1st floor



Office hours: 10 am - 6 pm, Sunday through Thursday

Class hours: 10 am - 10 pm Saturday through Thursday

Workspace hours: 9 am - 9 pm Sunday through Thursday (9am - 4pm Saturday)