About Us

Deewan is an institute of languages and cultural studies in Amman, Jordan, founded by teachers from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. We offer outstanding instruction for students of Arabic at all levels.

The Institute is situated in the heart of Jabal Weibdeh, Amman (cultural district). From this inspiring setting, we host students of the Arabic language, post-graduates working on the Middle East, researchers, & artists–from all around the world.

Our curriculum was carefully designed and closely overseen by advisors with extensive experience in Arabic instruction, based on best practices in foreign language pedagogy. Students learn both informal spoken Arabic and formal Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), with methods based on best practices in foreign language pedagogy. Our highly qualified and approachable instructors put together personalised learning modules and strive to coach all students in a friendly, open, and meticulous intellectual environment. 


Mohammad Ayaseh & Duaa Al-Kiswani


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