The Deewan Institute has students from all over the world, and from many different cultures and backgrounds. They all love learning with us! We have had students from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, France, Canada, Pakistan, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, India, Japan, South Korea, Hong kong, Singapore and South Africa, among others.

Below is some of the fantastic feedback we have received from our students. Enjoy!

Mohammad and Duaa are a winning team! Within a couple of months of learning in their classes, my Arabic speaking skills simply soared. The Ammyieh course was brilliant for building my confidence, vocabulary and listening comprehension. Besides, the classes were always such good fun. Definitely some of my best-spent JOD; really good value for money!
— Funke Alabi
Great teachers who care about students and highly professional!
— Shirin Kiani
One of the best things I did in Amman. Not just great teachers but really great people, too. Especially excellent for anyone wanting to speak like a local. Highly recommended.
— Sophie Parker
Mohammad and Duaa are honestly the best instructors I have ever had! They work hard to accommodate my work schedule (which is full-time), and they always make sure that the material that I am learning is interesting, practical, and relevant. Plus, they’re super sweet :) I can’t recommend Deewan enough!
— Emily Sena
Duaa is a passionate and fun teacher, a true natural. I found that time flew by in lessons, and after each class I left with new dialect words and phrases that were useful on a daily basis. The classes were tailored exactly to my needs and previous knowledge of standard Arabic. The energy and creativity that Duaa and Mohammad put into Deewan is inspiring. I recommend Deewan to anyone wishing to learn or enhance their Arabic, and learn about Jordan in the process.
— Delia Zollinger
Mohammad and Duaa are outstanding, professional educators. Mohammad’s one-on-one lessons in colloquial Jordanian Arabic helped me improve immensely. I recommend their classes to anyone who wants to get to know Amman and Jordan the best way - through language!
— Joel Veldkamp
Mohammad and Duaa are not only professional educators but also really wonderful people. Mohammad’s Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic classes helped me improve a lot! My one-on-one classes with Mohammad left me not only with language skills but also a stronger understanding of local culture. I highly recommend Deewan Institute to anyone interested in learning Arabic and/or culture!
— Gina Wu
I was a complete beginner in Arabic, with basically no knowledge of the language at all. The teachers here made everything fun, from the alphabet to simple conversational phrases. I took private lessons for 3-4 weeks while I was in Jordan, and am going to continue on with my studies via Skype from Japan! Looking forward to continue learning with Deewan :)
— Ryunosuke Goto
As a beginner, I really enjoyed my Arabic classes at Deewan Institute. With a lot of patience (!!!) and very good pedagogy, Duaa keeps on encouraging you, trying to make you self-confident, teaching you basics in a very attractive and effective way. Smile and good spirit are key elements. I definitely recommend people to take Arabic classes at Deewan.
— Nadège Chassaing
Duaa and Mohammad are the best amiyya teachers I’ve had. Their lessons are well-organized, crafted toward your own needs and abilities, and also push you to challenge yourself. Their lessons are also helpful for learning about local culture and linguistic idioms, which are hard to understand without spending extensive time in the country.
— Angela Lin
Thanks to my teachers, I loved every class and I always felt supported and motivated! I was a total beginner in ammiyeh and now after 2 months I feel much more confident and I can get myself around in Jordan. Deewan, you will be missed!
— Giorgia Gusci Gusciglio
I took ammiyeh courses for Deewan intensively for a month and they arranged for my housing and several incredible trips to see sites in Jordan. It was my favorite winter break, and my Arabic improved immensely! The teachers at Deewan are experienced, patient, and creative with their lesson plans. We laughed and had so much fun together, by the end I really felt like family. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
— Emma Slater
A fantastic place to learn Arabic! Great one to one lessons in spoken colloquial Arabic and in a friendly atmosphere with kind and patient teachers! I highly recommend them! 😍
— The Weibdeh Art Rooms